This section of the web site includes three photography galleries, the Mountains gallery, the Water gallery and the Desert gallery. The photography in these galleries covers a range of subjects from photography from highland regions of Mexico to lakes, waterfalls and rivers in Mexico and Guatemala, to desert scenes from Oaxaca, Mexico.

The Mountain gallery primarily contains photographs of the volcanos Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl, some are views of the volcanoes from the "Paso de Cortés" and others are views from Xinacintla, a small town on the Puebla side of the two volcanoes. In a few of the photographs Popocatépetl can be seen smoking from constant activity, Popocatépetl goes through cycles of activity, which are usually small but can at times escalate. The Cortés Pass and surrounding area is covered with volcanic material from Popocatépetl´s activity. It is one of the largest (highest) active volcanoes in the world today. Iztaccíhuatl on the other hand is dormant, and has been so for a long time, it is a favorite climbing destination for many people.

The Water gallery includes photography from Mexico and Guatemala. There are photographs of Agua Azul in Chiapas, Mexico. Agua Azul is a large waterfall system named for the beautiful blue colour of the water at certain times of the year, in the dry season the water colour is a blue/turquoise colour and in the rainy season the colour changes to green. Also included are photographs of lake Atitlán in Guatemala in the rainy season. The clouds that dominate the sky in the rainy season are quite spectacular. This huge lake is surrounded by many dormant volcanoes. Lake Atitlán is situated in the highlands of Guatemala and is a popular tourist area.

The Desert gallery is a collection of photographs from the state of Oaxaca in Mexico. The photographs were taken near to the capital of Oaxaca de Juaréz, mainly Yagul which is the site of a Zapotec ruin. They show typical landscape and cactus species to be found in the area.

Some of the photographs are available in print form, if you are interested in buying, or just want to send comments about the web page or the work, do so using the contact page.

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